Opening! London, Ontario

An amazing opening in lovely London, Ontario. Our host is the University of Western Ontario and the great thing about doing two days in a row at the same venue is that we get to only have to build the set once- yeah!

Also without having to travel to a different town each day, we are able to have some down time to explore our surroundings. Which for me means…food!
With 10 weeks on the road my goal is to spend as little time eating at chain restaurants. Give me your mom and pop places, home cooked styles, your little bistros and your hidden gems! Yesiree, consider me your Spirit Horse foodie.

Having spent 3 weeks doing extremely physical rehearsals I was in need of some TLC. I was able to book myself a massage at the London Health Clinic, a really comfortable and pleasant place. As actors we do put a lot of stress on our bodies, and having the kinks worked out is one of the ways I can stand stand up straight. While there I inquired as to where to eat, and was informed of a little gem called David’s Bistro. I was told they almost always have a menu prix fixe.

David's Prix Fixe menu for the evening

David’s Prix Fixe menu for the evening

I made the half hour stroll with the sun slowly setting behind me. And found the place very easily. There were only about 10 tables, but considering it was just me on my own, I was able to find a spot. (I suggest larger groups should make reservations.)

I believe it was David who served me.

I went for the lamb pate with shallot jam and Irish soda bread, the grilled veal tenderloin with potato tart and espresso blueberry jam. There was also a choice of dessert, and I went for the frozen lemon dessert. (Sort of like a thick lemon gelato).

My very lemony soufflé dessert

My very lemony soufflé dessertI ate every single bite, and although I was stuffed, I regret nothing.

I loved the ambiance of the place, the intimacy of having only one or two servers and the decor.

Basically, if you like a little slice of heaven for an extremely fair price, visit David’s Bistro in London.

Updated: May 3, 2015 — 3:31 pm
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