Overview of the Play

Spirit Horse

Jesse and Angelina riding Wildwind.
Art work by Claudia Dávila

Spirit Horse is a powerful and moving adventure of two First Nations children, Angelina and Jesse. Both girls are introduced to a beautiful horse by their grandfather, an elder and storyteller who lives by the old ways. As the play begins, Grandpa is sitting in the shadow of Wildwind Mountain. Grandpa hears a horse galloping and sees it emerge from the mountain lake. To us, this might seem as a miracle, but to the Stoney Nakoda Nation, this particular lake is full of running horses. Occasionally, VERY occasionally, one of these horses runs out of the water and onto land.

This is the Spirit Horse and if you can catch one, all the power of the horse will flow into its captor. Grandpa tries to lasso the horse but he can’t. The horse wants Grandpa to follow her. Grandpa leaps into his pick-up truck and starts driving, faster and faster. He drives all the way to the big city as fast as 100 km/60 miles per hour and the horse keeps pace the whole way! (Read more PDF | RTF)


Updated: February 19, 2015 — 3:49 pm
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