Pre-Show Activities

Nadine Jackson, Michaela Washburn, and Mike Bernier

Photo from the 2008 production of Spirit Horse: Nadine Jackson, Michaela Washburn, and Mike Bernier. Photo by Jona Stuart.

Engaging Junior/Intermediate  students in pre-show activities, provides the teacher with information regarding students’ prior knowledge. The teacher can develops themes from the play and can prepare their class to be a more focused and engaged audience.

PRE-SHOW ACTIVITY – Questions about Live Theatre

What do students know about live theatre and have they experienced theatre before?

1. What is a play? What should you expect to see and hear when viewing a play?
2. How does an audience behave when seeing a play? How is it different than going to a movie?
3. Who are the actors? What are their roles or jobs in a play?
4. What is a director? What is a stage manager?
5. What is an audience? What is its role in a play?
6. What is the set? What purpose does it serve?

Here are more recommended pre-show activities available in both PDF and RTF format.

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