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  1. Hannah says:

    i love that play and you need to come to my school again and you played today my school is Diamond trial

  2. Keisha says:

    You guys and girls were awesome at jamieson elementary school

  3. Caydence says:

    Hi I’m caydence I loved your show it was amazing I wish I could see it again

  4. Ang Goetz says:

    The students from 4/5/6 G were excited to attend Spirit Horse in Wiarton. We have continued with our unit on the life and traditions of Canada’s Original People. The students are making art work and journal entries to communicate their discomfort with the unequal treatment of any individual in Canada. They were shocked to realize that individuals are not always treated equal to them. Thank you for inviting us to attend. As a classoom teacher I also appreciate the follow up Professional Development provided by BWDSB and ETFO that will assist teachers to continue to educate themselves and young people about this ongoing, systemic injustice of FNMI people.

  5. Devin Caron says:

    Hi it was great watching Spirit Horse today aswell as meeting you all. Thank you for all the great advice!

    1. Brianne Tucker Brianne Tucker says:

      You are most welcome! Good luck with your career of choice!

  6. Uswah says:

    I loved your show. The actors were amazing! I can’t believe they were so focused. I know if I were in their shoes, I would have lost my concentration and start laughing. I loved the play and I think what really hit me was, racism like this happens all around us we just don’t pay attention to it. Jesse and Angie and their Pa were phenomenal actors. Thank you for coming to Hawthorne Village P.S.

  7. Grade 4/5 Listowel says:

    Hi there,

    We recently had the privilege of watching your performance of Spirit Horse at LDSS. Our class has a few questions for you:

    1) Do you have the same costumes for every performance?
    2) How many total performances are you putting on?
    3) Do you have an understudy if someone falls ill?
    4) Do you have a map of all the schools you’ve travelled to?

    1. Brianne Tucker Brianne Tucker says:

      Hi Grade 4/5 in Listowel, great questions! I will try to answer them as best I can.
      1. The actors all have a change of clothes. The musician does not. (He doesn’t run around like crazy). In each case our changes of clothes look very similar so that the costume does not change too much. This allows for us to do 4 shows before laundry needs to be done. Otherwise our poor stage manager would have to do laundry every day.
      2. We are doing a total of 88 performances. Yep, from March 29th to June 6th, we will have performed 88 times.
      3. We do not have understudies if one of us gets sick. If we have s cold w e have to perform to the best of our abilities on the day. If the me of us lost our voice, our stage manager might have to say the lines while we mimed the actions, but luckily it has never come to that.
      4. We don’t have a map of where we have gone, but if you visit the tour schedule page, you could probably create your own. We have been traveling around Southern Ontsrio and have gone from Ottawa to Windsor and up to Deep River and everywhere in between.
      Thank you for your questions!

  8. Lori Martin says:

    My grade 4 class saw your production yesterday in Listowel. Here are our thoughts:
    We liked how we had to imagine what you were doing. Even though there weren’t very many props, we could see all the scenes.
    We liked how you used the bars for different things like the horse, the elevator, the apartment, the tv, and the tree. We liked how the couch became the car, the bed, the horse, and a bush.
    We liked the sound effects like the horse’s hooves, the helicopter, the elevator, the train, the horse’s whinny, and the sirens.
    We liked the music and the sound effects. The violin played the sad parts, and the accordion played the suspenseful parts. The drum added drama.
    We liked how you made it feel like real life, like when the girls are being called names, we felt bad for them, like it was really happening.
    We liked the way you played so many different characters, like the police, the grandfather, the tv reporter, the landlord, the store owner, and the horse.
    We liked the way the two sisters acted together, like a big sister and her little sister.
    The message was that everyone should be proud of who we are, and that judging other people is wrong. We thought your performance was awesome!
    From the Grade 4s at Listowel Eastdale Public School

  9. Wow! This message wall is wonderful! It is so great to hear from so many students and teachers who have seen the show and to read all your great comments and questions. Thank you so much, Brianne, Dakota, Alex and Tim for taking the time to read and respond to them all! I love coming back to read the new comments every few days. Safe drives and have fun!

  10. Lynn Beaton says:

    My grade 5/6 class saw your production this morning in Wiarton at PSDS.
    I liked how different people played the part of the horse.
    I liked how 3 people played many roles, and how easily you could switch roles, your expressions showed the changes in roles
    The sound effects were very real, drums – powerful, violin – sadness
    I liked the chase scene
    It was easy to hear the actors from the back rows.
    Good to teach people about racism to bring it to everyone’s attention.
    I didn’t want to see the horse shot
    I liked that the girl was able to see her mother at the end
    I can visualize ever part in the story because you did it so well
    I liked how well the props were used
    Very detailed production
    I liked the story because the 3 generations were disconnected but by the end of the play the spirit horse brought them all together.
    Doesn’t matter who you are but we all matter
    I liked how you did not have many props, but you used the climbing bars for wild wind and an apartment, cool how you can switch the purpose of the props.

  11. Adrienne says:

    Hi! I’m Adrienne from honey harbour public school ! We loved your play it was done so well! By the way, my favourite character was Jesse!
    Thanks for the great show!

  12. Chantell Paradie says:

    Hi it’s Cantell am from A.S.E.S and i just what to say that your play was amazing. i am just impress about how good you guys aided. It was amazing.

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! =D

  13. Teo says:

    Dear cast, thank you so much for coming to my school (Archie stouffer) I loved the play!!!!

    1. Thank you, we had so much fun performing for you!

    2. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Thanks for havin’ us!

  14. Eli samson says:

    i love the show it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome:)

    1. Thank you Eli! You were a great audience!

    2. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Thanks Eli! You folks were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome, too!

  15. Danaya says:

    hello, your show was awesome to watch.It was also awesome that you came to A.S.E.S to show your play. I want to ask you a question. when did you start the first play and where did you do it? I hope you can come back and do it again sometime. My best part is the horse and it would be amazing if you had a real horse in the play if you did out side or something. but oh well. but all of you were brilliant at the play and fantastic. hope to hear from you sometime.
    thank you,
    sincerely, Danaya

    1. We first started rehearsals on March 9th, and our first performance was on March 30th. We have travelled to Windsor, Sarnia, London, Kitchener, Belleville, Ottawa, Deep River, Pembroke, Eganville, Cornwall, Sutton, Kirkfield, Minden, Port Carling, Gravenhurst and Orillia – to name a few. We would love to come back, and we are so happy to hear that you would enjoy an encore performance. Please let your teachers know and perhaps in the future it will be able to come back. Having a real horse would be great- but also very expensive to train and feed. We also don’t know where the horse would sleep.

  16. kenny says:

    Hey guys, I saw your show and it was soooooo awesome! I wonder when you guys are going to do another play? text you later.

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      No idea! This is the first time all four of us have worked together, and the likelihood of us all working together again is pretty slim. We all have gigs coming up after Spirit Horse though! For example, I’ll be doing a few plays back in Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Outdoors, In Spirit, Salt Baby; feel free to google them).! You can also check out Roseneath Theatre’s website to see what other productions they’ll be touring!

  17. Jasmine says:

    Hi, I am a student from Archie Stouffer and you were at my school a few days ago. I really loved and enjoyed the show. You guys were amazing. I just had a question How do change charters so fast and easily.Thanks for coming to our school!

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Hey Jasmine!
      Whew! It sure takes a lot of practice! Well, for me, anywho. I found it challenging during rehearsals, but that’s why we have rehearsals! We work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 weeks to get good at line memorization, blocking (where we move to/walk to/point to/etc), and changing characters!

  18. Brenden Newhook says:

    hi, I am from Archie Stouffer Elementary school where you did your play. It was awesome!!! You guys are really good actors too. That was great music playing by, Alex. I have a question, how long have you guys been together? And how long have you been doing these shows?
    It was really good show, thanks.

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Great questions! This is the first time all four of us have ever worked together! So ever since March 9th, we’ve been working as an ensemble. And we’ve been performing in front of audiences since March 29th! Today, we performed our 58th show! Whew! Last show wraps up in Toronto on June 6th.

  19. jake says:

    hi i have a question,have any of the cast fell of the structure, and nice show.

    1. Luckily no one has actually fallen off the set. There have been close calls, but mostly from the lower levels. We do our best to make sure that not only is the structure stable and safe, but that we are also aware enough of each other that if anything wrong should happen, one of us would either be able to either immediately intervene or be able to respond quickly to a crisis. But heres knocking on wood that it will never come to that.

  20. Brian says:

    I loved the show,I was into the show and story of the play.I have been wondering,Alex how long did it take you to learn how to play all of the instruments.

    1. Alex Alex says:

      Hey there :) so glad you enjoyed the music. I’ve been playing the fiddle for about 15 yEars and the piano and guitar for 3 or 4:) the accordion is the same as the piano with the chords so it was pretty straight forward to pick up:) and Anne Lederman just taught me the little riffs on on the tin whistle and stuff :). Do you play music?:)

  21. Sterling says:

    Hey, I watched your play at A.S.E.S on May 12th. I have a question for Alex. How long have have you been musician? My family is into music and so am I, I sing and sometimes play my dads guitar. I want to see you guys to the performance again :) Bye!

    1. Alex Alex says:

      Hey there Sterling :) so awesome music is in your family. That’s so important. I’ve been playing fiddle for about 15 years, but my mom is an amazing fiddler so I grew up with it. Keep the music alive kiddo :) take care

  22. Alex says:

    That was a great play. I liked how you can stay in character so easily.

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:


  23. caitlyn says:

    Hi,I watched your play spirit horse yesterday,and I loved it because it was based in Calgary.I once was there.I even when to the rocky’s(Loved it).I have a few question.How do you change characters so fast and show emotions.I felt like I was there.

    From:FLAMES or Caitlyn

    1. Brianne Tucker Brianne Tucker says:

      Hi Caitlyn, great question. We learn to change characters quickly through rehearsal. We have 3 weeks (6 days a week, 8 hours a day) and during that time we get to play around and see what works. It’s a chance to make mistakes and finesse everything.
      That’s the thing with playing – don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
      After that it’s just repetition and you keep getting faster and better at it.

    2. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      I’ve been to Calgary, too! A couple times. I even did a different youth tour while there, in a play called Beneath the Ice. I’ve also been to the rockies; Canada is super beautiful.
      To answer your questions, it sure takes a lot of practice to change characters! Well, for me, anyways. I found it challenging during rehearsals, but that’s why we have rehearsals! We work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 weeks to get good at line memorization, blocking (where we move to/walk to/point to/etc), and changing characters!
      As for emotions, that goes hand-in-hand with acting. We’re supposed to be real people on stage, and real people (like you and me) feel feelings. So we just pretend like what’s happening on stage is happening in real life, and that can make us feel a variety of emotions. =)

  24. Olivia says:

    You guys are Awesome! I would love to be in acting when I’m older, and this summer i’m going to an acting camp?

    1. Olivia says:

      sorry, meant to say “acting camp!” not a question!

  25. Olivia says:

    Hi, my name is Olivia. I’m in grade 5, and saw your performance at Archie Stouffer, in Minden, Ontario. You guys were awesome! anyways, I have a question. How do you guys change character and voices so easily? I asked Brianne about at the school performance, but then my class had to leave. Thanks!

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Thanks for your kind words Olivia!
      And to answer your question, whew! It sure takes a lot of practice, but that’s why we have rehearsals! We work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 weeks to get good at line memorization, blocking (where we move to/walk to/point to/etc), and changing characters!

  26. Ngun says:

    Great show! (A.R.Kaufmin) I loved the performance ! And Mr. Tim Hill the guy who guessed that you were 94 was my friend Taylor!

    1. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      LOL. Well please tell Taylor that I’m only about half that old. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Best wishes to you and all of A.R. Kaufmin.

  27. Alyssa says:

    I really enjoyed your performance! How did you guys become involved in this production? I would like to be involve with theatre later in my life! :)

    1. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      I got started early in school plays. Because I had so much fun, I decided to keep looking for opportunities to be in shows or work on them in other capacities. In high school I joined the drama club and also a local community theatre company. After that I went to college for theatre performance and visual arts.
      If you enjoy it, do it.

    2. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Hey Alyssa!
      I became involved in this production when I heard the company was holding auditions! Through a a thing called E-Drive on the CAEA website (Canadian Actor’s Equity Association, or something like that).
      Anywho, I sent in my resume and headshot after the audition notice came out (in April or so of last year), and they let me send a taped audition b/c I was working in Saskatchewan at the time. Fast forward to January, and I got a phone call asking if I’d be interested in working with Roseneath Theatre!
      It takes a lot of work to be an actor/theatre professional (I do a lot of other things aside from acting!), but it’s so much fun and so rewarding. I started acting in elementary school, and now I do it for a living. It’s definitely attainable to have a job in theatre, whether you’re acting, writing, designing, stage managing, or directing; there are so many paths to take, and you can take more than one! You go, girl!

  28. Andrew Aloe says:

    Loved your performance. Twice today. You were all so incredibly awesome. So I promised to post a picture of you on twitter bit alas I am so clumsy with my picture taking skills that you all had red eye. So sorry. Keep up the amazing work. Sincerely, Andrew

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Thanks for the rad words, Andrew!
      And the red eyes don’t bother me one bit; they always make me feel like I’m secretly a robot.

  29. Susan Watt says:

    The 4 performances in the Waterloo Region were amazing! Spirit Horse is such a solid production of a very moving and powerful play. I am amazed at the work of the 4 actors/musician on stage, to portray 65 characters and keep the engagement of the audience from start to finish! The kids and teachers have all been mesmerized! Thank you for your passion for equity issues and your amazing efforts to produce Spirit Horse. It is a learning opportunity with long reaching influence.
    Thank you and Miigwetch.

  30. Veronica says:

    I was wondering what the name of the songs were called that Alex used when playing the violin because I am doing a little project in french and my group mates said that we should used some of the songs from the play and since I play the violin my group wanted me to play the violin songs int he background while they present.

    1. Alex Alex says:

      Hey there!:) so awesome that you’re a violin player. I’m actually not sure of the names… And I don’t really read music myself…. Let me think of a way I can get this music to you and I’ll get back to you tomorrow! Thanks again

  31. cadence says:

    I really liked your show. what was the thing called at the back of the stage in front of The moon.

    1. Are you taking about the structure of bars and clamps that look like two towers and are attached by a bridge of wood? If so, we just refer to it as ‘the set’. Because we have a representational set (meaning it is not wholly realistic), there is no definitive name for anything that is a part of it. Although we have come up with our own nicknames for certain pieces, that is something we have completely made up for ourselves and I am sure if someone else were to use the same set, they would create their own names. In other words, it is a set with no name.

  32. janie seguin says:

    i loved the play it was amazing,was it hard to switch characters? Do u guys do acting classes i would love to join if u do. I love acting and i still need some help with it. How do u guys fake cry? anyways thx for preforming to me and my class we all liked it

    1. Everyone has their own technique for switching characters. It came start with something as simple as ‘how does this person walk’, to lowering my voice or even how a person stands. You get to play around with it a lot before you find something that works. I then like to ‘exhale’ on character and ‘inhale’ another. But that is something that is left up to the individual actor. As for training, there are all sorts of acting classes. Just watching professional theatre or movies or tv shows can be a learning experience, as you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. You never stop training as an actor, you can always be learning new things. Making yourself cry is also very personal. Some people can do it just by breathing the same way they would if they were actually crying, others can think of really sad things. It’s not always they same every time, and you can’t force it. Remember- just because you can make yourself cry doesn’t mean that you are making your audience feel sad – sometimes it’s just you making yourself feel sad. And the story is King. The most important thing is getting the story across.

  33. Carol Peterson says:

    What an honour and a privilege to see Spirit Horse with the grade 4 classes from Brighton PS last week. The very next day, three students approached me and asked if they could do a survey of our 500 students asking serious questions about stereotypes. That never would have happened without the enlightening experience of seeing this play. Those three girls have sparked a life changing experience for students in Brighton! Thank you.
    PS Alex, you really did scare me about the royalty charges when I was taking a photo of the poster at the entry to Wenjack Theatre at Trent University! But….it’s given me a great story to tell over and over! Your music spoke to me in ways that words can never achieve. Thanks; miigwech!

    1. Alex Lamoureux Alex Lamoureux says:

      Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed the play! These actors are amazing I still get amazed each time I watch the play seeing them run around… I’m so honoured by what you said about my music. I try to just follow the actors the best I can and try my best to add to what they’re doing with what was written for the play :)… and I couldn’t resist with the royalty thing ;) lol

  34. Lavina Rose says:

    Hey!My name is lavina! im the girl who was “streching your arm” and i said “Do you get stage fright?” to let you know, i think you did awesome a the play! and i have a question. how do you send pictures? I’m 10 years old and i loved the play! Thanks!

    1. Dakota Hebert Dakota Hebert says:

      Hey Ms. Lady!
      Super glad you liked the show!
      To answer your question, click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this site. There should be an address there. Feel free to make us all the best Spirit Horse art, and mail it our way! (I know I would LOVE a portrait of Jesse! =D)

  35. Monsieur Grégoire says:

    We’ll be seeing your performance, this Friday, April 24. What do you think is the more important discussion that a class could have BEFORE seeing the play? For example, would it be best to have a conversation about their stereotypes of First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and where those stereotypes come from? Looking forward to the play!

    1. That’s an excellent question. Spirit Horse contains themes on a number of issues; illiteracy, grief and depression while overcoming the loss of a loved one, hints of substance abuse, and poverty. These are issues that many can find connection with. Understanding the prejudice against our First Nations people and how and why it came about is incredibly valuable. First Nations people are very diverse, and even within our cast we have 3 different tribes. If we can learn from the past then hopefully we can provide a better future. As the saying goes, those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

  36. Michelle Hwang says:

    do you like doing this for other people?
    Is it not scary on stage because when I get older I want to be a singer but I don’t have the curage to do it cause i’m only 9.

    1. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      It is sometimes scary, yes. My nerves say “Maybe I’ll make a mistake (again!)”
      But I also know that after much practice I know the story, I know the show, I know my lines… “I can do this”, I say back to my nerves.

      If it is fun, if it makes you happy, if you love it, then just do it. The more you do it the better you will be, and that can make it even more fun, and possibly lead to a life-long love.

      Practice, practice, practice. And have good teachers.

    2. Alex Lamoureux Alex Lamoureux says:

      So awesome that you want to be a singer Michelle! :) For me I’m not really that familiar with theatre and am mostly a musician myself, but anytime type of art form whether its music, singing, acting, drawing, if you can make a difference its such a great thing to do :). I still to this day get nervous.. and I think its important to have those little bits of nerves, but it still has to be fun! :) Happy you want to pursue singing. I can play a few instruments, but I’m a really bad singer lol. So good on ya! :) Good luck and keep us posted!

  37. Michelle Hwang says:

    you guys were amazing when you came to my school(frankford public)!!!!!!
    I thought that it was everything amazing!!!!! I hope to see it again!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      Thank you, Michelle.

  38. Abby says:

    How old do you have to be to join this particular teatre?

    1. Roseneath Theatre works under the Independent Theatre Agreement, which means we are members of Canadian Actors Equity. Although you must be a member to work for Roseneath, it is possible to start working in theatre at any age. You can work in your community theatre, at school, or possibly even create your own shows. I’m sure Roseneath would love to see you for an audition when you are ready.

    1. I used to get really nervous and I would feel like I had to go the bathroom numerous times before a show. But after doing it so many times, now I simply get excited and can’t wait to go out there and have fun!

    2. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      Yes Nolan, sometimes.
      My nerves say “Maybe I’ll make a mistake (again!)”
      But I also know that after much practice I know the story, I know the show, I know my lines… “I can do this”, I say back to my nerves.

  39. Elly says:

    Your story looks awesome

  40. rochelle says:

    do you like acting on stage?

    1. Love it. For me, it’s the best thing in the word. Except blueberries. Nothing beats blueberries for me.

  41. Elly says:

    When did you start doing plays together

    1. This is our first show together. All of us met March 9th on the first day of rehearsal. We then had 3 weeks of rehearsal – 6 days a week – for 8 hours a day. Before that none of us knew each other. That is frequently the case in theatre, especially when bringing people from different provinces all together to one city.

  42. Lucas says:

    Hi I am from Alderville frist nation and am looking forward to seeing the spirit horse play!

    1. We are looking forward to visiting you – see you soon!

  43. Jaxon says:

    What are your favourite things to do?

    1. Aside from singing and acting, my favourite things are curling up with my chocolate lab, Buster, eating blueberry pie, hugging my husband, making my nephew laugh and sitting around a summer campfire and toasting marshmallows. This world is so packed with wonderful things, it is very hard pick only a few!

    2. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      When I’m not acting in a show, I build props for theatre, film, TV and display. That’s usually a lot of fun, and we get to work on some exciting shows.
      I love going out to see theatre and movies and concerts.
      I also like to garden, and play with my dogs, and read, and play video games.

  44. rochelle says:

    did you act in anything else rather than the play spirit horse?

    1. Tim Hill Tim Hill says:

      Oh yes, I have acted in many plays, some TV and film, and a bit of radio too.

  45. J. Latta says:

    PE McGibbon…we loved your performance in Sarnia today! THANK YOU!

  46. jocelyn says:

    loved the show today cant wate to show some art work :)

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