Since time immemorial, the symbolism of the horse has been a part of the history of mankind. In ancient Greece, its traces hooves were signs of fertility. In more recent times, this function is carried out by hanging a horseshoe above the door.

Many people believe the animal has the gift of clairvoyance, divination, the gift of guidance between two worlds, that brings the lost to the right road, in both the literal and figurative sense. There are different horse spirit movies and cartoons, as well as spirit horse toys. Within the world of popular culture, the allure of these mythical equines extends even further, captivating audiences in various forms of entertainment. From ancient legends to modern adaptations, the enchanting world of mythical horses has found its way onto the digital stage, particularly in the online gaming. Find out how these creatures have galloped into the reels of online slots, adding a touch of magic and mystique to the gaming experience.

The Image and Legends Of The Spirit Horse

Since ancient times there was horse symbolism. It is an integral part of some primitive forms of religion. It consists of honoring and endowing them with supernatural abilities. Sometimes the animals are even deified.

The exact date and place of the cult’s establishment are unknown. However, it is known that the cult is relatively young. It is about six thousand years old. The cult can be compared to the existence of cult reverence of the illusion of the sun and the moon.

The Image Of The Spirit Of A Horse And Legends About It In Different Nations

The youth of the cult is determined by the fact that horse symbolism emerged only after the domestication of the animal. After that, the nags started to affect people’s lives greatly. For the animals themselves, the cult had both positive and negative consequences. They were honored as gods. On the other hand, they were also sacrificed to gods.

Horse Symbolism

The horse symbol means intelligence, wisdom, nobility, dynamic strength, fertility, courage and mighty power.

The horse symbol is also associated with messages from the gods. In various traditions, the steed once represented a funeral animal. It transferred the deceased to another world. The brute symbolizes both life and death. A pair of the animals white and black, represent life and death.

The real spirit horse represents unbridled passions and unconscious instincts. In this regard, in the ancient era, the spirit horse was often endowed with the ability to predict the future. In fairy tales (for example, the Grimm brothers), animals exhibit signs of clairvoyance are often tasked with timely warning their owners. Carl Jung believed that the steed expresses the magical side of Man; intuitive knowledge.

The Spirit Of The Horse Today

Interaction with horses today is an integral part of all our lives. We watch movies and cartoons with spirit horses in the lead roles and learn courage, endurance, pride, and responsibility from them.

The Spirit Of The Horse Today

The same animals come to our rescue when we are suffering from a variety of physical diseases and disorders; engaging with them helps us to recover. And, of course, many houses have a symbol of a horse that brings good luck. If there are no such figures in your house, then we think that when you finish reading our article, you will likely buy your first spirit horse.


There is a special performance for kids of 11-15 years old, based on a Drew Hayden Taylor’s play. It is called “Spirit Horse”. The play tells us about two different ways of city life, conventional and modern. A spirit horse gives hope and ways to fight the injustices in modern society.

This educational play examines the idea of segregation and stereotypes about different people. The goal of this theatre performance is to free people from various types of discrimination. The theatre performance was founded by the ETFO (Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario), in cooperation with Roseneath Theatre.

Cartoons And Movies

Cartoons And Movies

There are a lot of movies and cartoons about horse spirits because the steed is generally positioned as a close and faithful friend of man. Movie-makers are using positive associations. Nobility, intelligence, courage, the ability to learn – all of this is brought to the fore. Moreover, the list of topics is very wide: from sports dramas to mischievous comedy.

Here is a shortlist of films about steeds:

  1. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – 2002
  2. Silver Stallion – 1993
  3. Seabiscuit – 2003
  4. Spirit: the Spirit of Freedom – 2017

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

One of the most famous cartoons, where the main character is a steed, is an American animated feature film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,” released in 2002 by DreamWorks Animation. In 2017, the animated series “Spirit: the Spirit of Freedom“, based on the movie, was released on the Netflix platform.

The plot of the cartoon tells a story set in the 1870s. At that time there were battles between the American nation and the Indians. Cimarron was born a foal, and in the end, will be called Spirit. The Spirit Horse will save everyone from death.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

When the foal grows up, he becomes the leader of the herd. And life in the herd would’ve continued to develop smoothly if one day, the stallion did not decide to check what kind of light he saw in the distance. Consequently, he is captured by the people. But, naturally, through his will, he surpasses all who try to conquer him. This horse spirit movie was nominated in several Oscar categories but never won a single award.

The Silver Stallion

The film tells the story of an awesome hero – Taura, a Silver Stallion, a beautiful and rapid like the wind stallion, born free. He does not know what is a saddle. He fears no danger and is the king of all wild steeds of the Cascade Mountains.

Everyone reveres the sage and proud Taura, including his worst enemies, the tamer of wild animals nicknamed “Man.” For years, the “Man” has been hunting the elusive Silver Brumby unsuccessfully. People were trying to grab the most valuable prize, throw a bridle on Taura, and put him in his stall. Meanwhile, only a little girl, Indy, manages to make friends with the Silver Brumby. This spirit horse can’t be tamed, according to legend. The main role in this horse spirit movie is played by Russell Crowe.

Mental Illness Relief Society

Mental Illness Relief Society

Animals are good at helping people to recover their health after different illnesses. This practice officially took shape, as a new type of therapy, and was developed in the mid-20th century. SPIRIT Horse NL -Stable Life Inc helps people to recover. Over the past 40 years, therapeutic riding has received rapid development. The help of this spirit animal formed a method of rehabilitation for many diseases all over the world.

Nowadays with the help of therapeutic riding different mental diseases and pathologies of a musculoskeletal system are treated. Tactile interaction brings physical warmth from contact with the animal, which is also reflected on the mental level. Communication with them delivers extraordinary pleasure and relieves stress.

The process of preparing the steed and caring for it lifts the mood. Gentle connection with this spirit animal goes side by side with a sense of responsibility. The man takes responsibility for himself and for another living being.

Therapeutic Riding

Exercises on it help to improve physical shape, coordination, balance, posture, develop agility, and flexibility. Classes on an unsaddled animal provide the opportunity to feel its movements. Close physical contact allows you to realize your physicality and emotions. Thus you will know yourself better, and trust yourself more. The movements of the animal are transferred to the sitting person. It stimulates the movements that a healthy person makes when walking.

Exercises with a spirited horse have a positive effect on both one’s physical and mental health. Muscles are trained, muscle tone is regulated, the development of fine motor skills is stimulated. Working with foals also aids in the development of mental processes. Memory, attention, thinking are being developed.

We could talk about the positive impacts of working with steeds for a very long time; everything is confirmed by experience with these spirit animals.

Spirit Horse’s Collectible Figure

Spirit Horse’s Collectible Figure

In stores, there are a lot of spirit horse toys, and you can choose the one that suits your taste. Most everyone, during their childhood, watched the cartoon “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” and was worried about the proud and free spirit of a horse that defended its people.

We offer you the opportunity to buy a figure of this indomitable Spirit, so it will guard your home and bring you good luck for many years to come.